Dear Colleagues!
Welcome to the main page of the online quarterly journal Koreanology, published by the ICCA (Institute of China and Contemporary Asia) RAS and MGIMO University. Our journal was created in order to become a platform for discussion and expression of opinions of Koreanists from Russia, the CIS countries and foreign colleagues. The journal will be available online for specialists in various fields, students, graduate students, researchers, government agencies and a wide range of readers. Koreanists will be able to more actively publish their academic research and receive feedback, get acquainted with the academic life of colleagues from different regions.

Acting Director of the ICCA RAS Babaev K.V.
Editor-in-Chief of the Koreanology Journal Asmolov K.V.

About the journal

Journal of the latest research in Korean studies for experts in international politics, economics, history, and those interested in Korea.

Mass media registration certificate: ЭЛ №ФС77-83956 (16.09.2022) 


  • Number 1 (6) 2024
  • May /2024